Andrea Tripke Illustration

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Andrea Tripke Illustration

Month: February 2015

Keith Richards

Mixed Media Illustration on Illustration Board, 12 x 12″. I recently finished this illustration of Keith Richards. To concentrate the focus on his face I added color only to this area. I kept the saturation low because otherwise the contrast of his colored face and his black and white hand would be too extreme. Besides


My latest relief print “Peacock” (linocut), limited edition of 100, printed on stonehenge paper, size about 18×24″ (printed area). I manually colored the print inĀ  with white color pencil and brown acrylics.

Sleeping Beauty

“Sleeping Beauty” relief print (linocut) on stonehenge paper, limited edition of 50, size 18×24″ ( printed area) The print is done in three layers. The first layer is the blue wallpaper/ background. The second layer are the slightly darker blue roses and the last one is the “sleeping beauty” (black lines). It took me a