Monthly Archives: May 2009

“Chris taking a bath”


The last assignment for our Illustration Seminar Class was to illustrate another student or teacher. Our teacher would take photos of everybody, print them and then every student could pick one (facing upside down on the table). I got to paint our teacher – Chris Payne.  I thought it would be fun to place him into an old western style bath tub with a fat cigar in his mouth.




This project was a self promotion for my website (‘about’ page). I started out with an almost realistic sketch of myself, which I didn’t like (see sketch to the right). I decided to work the sketch over only this time more abstract.

The final result was an illustration of myself sitting on a high chair above New York, having a cup of tea while overlooking the rest of the world. I decided to not give myself eyes but to make the lips more dominant. It was just an idea to make it more fun and interesting.