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Suntree Library Presentation

Just saw the add for my presentation at the Suntree Library in May on display.

Only 2 more weeks until my first illustrated picture book  “A Girl Named October” will be released and available in stores. It’s happening so fast now and I am trying to get all promotional events in order. Please check out my event page for more information.

Art Show in Downtown Mobile

Hey there.

My latest art pieces will be displayed this Friday (June 10th) at “Wellborn Ideas” as part of the LoDa Artwalk. Wellborn is located at 356 Dauphin Street in Downtown Mobile. The reception is from 6-9 pm. I am really excited and would like to invite you all. If you haven’t made any plans yet, please come by.


The Kiss

The idea for “the Kiss” was born when I saw a photograph of myself showing me with this really long stretched face (I don’t even know how I did it). It didn’t take me long to decide that the illustration needed a frog as counterpart. To keep everyone’s attention on  the frog and me, I only  colored the frog and myself and kept the background in light gray, yellow and blue tones.

I started the illustration with an ink line drawing on illustration board. On top of the line drawing I applied layers of prisma colors and acrylics. In addition I used dark oil washes on the woman and the frog to get some texture and to intensify the contrast.

1.sketch   2. ink drawing, acrylic & oil washes   3. in progress

St. Basil’s Getaway

My latest idea is based on an image of the St. Basil’s Cathedral. It is a beautiful cathedral which I wanted to include in one of my illustrations using my favorite polar bear again and a “super – skinny” woman. I started the painting with a prisma color basis (left side – on top: my sketch) and added an acrylic wash (right side). There is still a lot of work to do but I thought I’ll show you a little of what I am doing lately…

It’s done!

Bob Erickson’s new poster

The poster was designed to be used for different gigs – therefore, I left the bottom part  (‘Music for Marinas’) simply white to give room for different announcements. If you are interested in Bob’s performance schedule, please, check out his website @ www.bobericksonmusic.com

The illustration is done traditionally with prisamcolors and acrylics, and then worked out digitally.

Below are the photos (Billy Bob/ Fly Creek Marina) that I worked with.

Be careful what you fish for

“Be careful what you fish for”  started originally with just the upper part of the illustration. Looking at my first sketches I figured that something was missing… some joke, like a fishtail for the mysterious woman, that is on the little girl’s hook. I wanted to work with a lot of pattern to give my intentional confusing illustration some order and structure.

The painting is done with prismacolors and acrylics on illustrationboard.



This project was a self promotion for my website (‘about’ page). I started out with an almost realistic sketch of myself, which I didn’t like (see sketch to the right). I decided to work the sketch over only this time more abstract.

The final result was an illustration of myself sitting on a high chair above New York, having a cup of tea while overlooking the rest of the world. I decided to not give myself eyes but to make the lips more dominant. It was just an idea to make it more fun and interesting.