Monthly Archives: May 2011

Little Red Riding Hood…in progess

The references I used for the folds were a mix of ‘real’ silk folds and folds that are part of a rock formation (picture can be seen in the upper left corner of the drawing).  I thought the rock formation looked very interesting…and because it’s not real fabric folds you are looking at, you may be intrigued by the outcome, as  are the footsteps and unfolding story of Little Red Riding Hood’s adventures. I wanted the piece to stir curiosity and intrigue rather than being be predictable as we’ve all come to know this classic story.

Thanks to Savannah – my neighbors daughter – I had a good model to work with.

The illustration is still in progress…to the left: prisma colors on illustration board….to the right: I added some layers of acrylics and more prisma colors