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The Kiss

The idea for “the Kiss” was born when I saw a photograph of myself showing me with this really long stretched face (I don’t even know how I did it). It didn’t take me long to decide that the illustration needed a frog as counterpart. To keep everyone’s attention on  the frog and me, I only  colored the frog and myself and kept the background in light gray, yellow and blue tones.

I started the illustration with an ink line drawing on illustration board. On top of the line drawing I applied layers of prisma colors and acrylics. In addition I used dark oil washes on the woman and the frog to get some texture and to intensify the contrast.

1.sketch   2. ink drawing, acrylic & oil washes   3. in progress

St. Basil’s Getaway

My latest idea is based on an image of the St. Basil’s Cathedral. It is a beautiful cathedral which I wanted to include in one of my illustrations using my favorite polar bear again and a “super – skinny” woman. I started the painting with a prisma color basis (left side – on top: my sketch) and added an acrylic wash (right side). There is still a lot of work to do but I thought I’ll show you a little of what I am doing lately…

It’s done!

Bob Erickson’s new poster

The poster was designed to be used for different gigs – therefore, I left the bottom part  (‘Music for Marinas’) simply white to give room for different announcements. If you are interested in Bob’s performance schedule, please, check out his website @ www.bobericksonmusic.com

The illustration is done traditionally with prisamcolors and acrylics, and then worked out digitally.

Below are the photos (Billy Bob/ Fly Creek Marina) that I worked with.

polar bear

I have always worn a polar bear charm, which I’d like to consider a good luck charm. I guess it was just about time to include it into one of my illustrations. In order to make the design more intriguing I added strings to the penguins as well as the eskimos – it gives the illustration some of the needed contrast, too.

The illustration is done in prismacolors, acrylics and a lot of (white) gesso.


mirror-image-ill This illustration shows a girl playing with her

reflected image.

The name “Mirror” just seems to

fit perfect, even though I am not sure

if my intention is to reflect her in a mirror.

Or could it be water? Or some other shiny

surface? I guess I will leave this mystery

open to you.

The illustration is drawn with pencil and

colored in digitally in Photoshop.