A Christmas Carol


I finally got to work on my blog!  My latest project, A Christmas Carol, for one of my illustration classes was to re-design six story characters.  The first ghost was a tricky one because it is supposed to be male as well as female and old as well as young. He/she looks a little bit creepy, but I like the result. I painted the final illustration with prisma colors and acrylics on illustration board.


Final sketch.

4 thoughts on “A Christmas Carol

  1. David Will

    Hi Andrea,
    Dirk showed me your website. Your work is very impressive. Well done, great job. Enjoy your graduation.

    I shared your site with my Sister and Brother-in-law. They have a graphic design company back in England. They were very impressed.



  2. admin Post author

    Thanks Dave. I am always excited when I get feedback on my website. It took me forever to get it up.

  3. Verena

    Hallo Andrea,

    deine Seite gefällt mir sehr gut, tolle Bilder!
    Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu Deinem Examen.
    Genieße den Tag und lasse Dich ausgiebig feiern!
    Liebe Grüße aus der Heimat


  4. Schumis

    Hallo Andrea …

    Wir haben gerade deine Bilder bewundert .Wir hoffen es geht euch Gut. Schöne Grüsse aus Fedreath. Meldet Euch einmal.

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