Coloring sheet

Tomorrow will be my first picture book “A Girl Named October”  available in stores and online. Finally, the waiting is over…almost.

And to make the waiting more fun…

a coloring sheet designed from “A Girl Named October” by Zakieh A. Mohammed, art by me:-)

Please, print out and have fun!

Suntree Library Presentation

Just saw the add for my presentation at the Suntree Library in May on display.

Only 2 more weeks until my first illustrated picture book  “A Girl Named October” will be released and available in stores. It’s happening so fast now and I am trying to get all promotional events in order. Please check out my event page for more information.

A Girl Named October

My first picture book “A Girl Named October” can finally be pre-ordered at

Can empathy be taught? The importance of empathy and its impact are explored in A Girl Named October. The title character, October, is ever present as the narrator navigates a life without realizing how even the smallest memories, interactions, and expressions can impact a very large, and often imposing, world. Touching the world is no longer an abstract idea, but a concrete action that reveals how everything we do affects everyone around us. Lighthearted in its approach, but powerful in its message, this book tells a story that will spur conversations with children and adults alike.

“The AT Bag”

For quite some time now I have been contemplating to utilize my art on items other than print or canvas. I decided to create various bag designs with my illustrations and designs on them. For the special artist touch, I personally sew the images onto the bags.

Currently you can exclusively buy these bags at the RAIN TREE gift shop in the historic district of Melbourne FL at 826 E. New Haven Ave. The RAIN TREE gift shop also has my actual art work (Illustrations and Relief Prints) for sale. Come and check it out! Candlelight shopping every Saturday before Christmas is a fun event for the whole family.

I am working on making the bags available online – Look out for future posts.