Fishing for Sharks

Done and framed.

Fishing for Sharks by Andrea TripkeThis is a mixed media illustration (acrylics, oil colors and prisma colors) on illustration board. I wanted the image to be abstract with real elements. The girl is holding her shark puppet that is swimming with real fish (which doesn’t look as realistic as the shark). But is the water real ? She is holding on to the “edge of water”… just a few things to make the illustration a bit confusing and hopefully interesting.

Little Girl riding a Fish

This is another illustration (in progress) with my little girl. I wanted it similar to the painting I just finished. This time Lily Blu is riding a giant fish. To keep the focus on her she is the only realistic figure in the illustration. The fish and surroundings are graphic – simple lines and very “flat”.


As before (with the other painting of hers) I based the illustration on an existing photo rather than taking a photo based on my sketch. None of the photos I had really would work with my idea so I had to puzzle together several photos in photoshop. Not really ideal but it worked. She just wouldn’t model for me 🙂 I guess at age 3 there are more important things to do!

Below is the digital image that I use for reference:

Little Girl in the Water

Little Girl in the Water by Andrea Tripke


This is the first illustration of my daughter Lily Blu. I always wanted to include her into one of my paintings but she isn’t necessarily a patient model 🙂  It’s not that she needs to pose very long but only for a photo. I usually work with images/ photos as reference material. When I took this picture I instantly came up with the idea of placing her into a river surrounded by fish. Usually I take a picture for reference based on a rough sketch/ idea.  So this illustration was created the other way around means I worked my idea around an existing picture. I ended up using barracudas as the fish surrounding her because I think that our world can be a dangerous place to live in especially for a little girl.

The following picture shows the digital sketch I based the final painting on:


The following picture was taken while the painting was in progress:

Dark Night

"Dark Night" by Andrea Tripke


It’s finally framed. I choose to place the relief print on top of the mat board to show the torn edges of the paper. I think it fits the image with it’s hand drawn and uneven lines best. Besides it’s really pretty (handmade) paper with it’s torn edges.

“Dark Night” relief print

dark.night.blogThat’s how the double doors of my closet look like after a day of printing. This relief print (lino cut) is printed on handmade copper colored paper, limited edition of 100.

The text below the moon reads “good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite”. I thought this would just fit the image perfectly because it doesn’t fit at all. The image is a bit creepy while the well known lullaby is suppose to help little kids fall asleep. But on second thought it’s not so sweet at all because who wants to be bitten by bedbugs, right?

“Little Lady” relief print

Little.Lady.print.framed“Little Lady”  is my smallest relief print so far. It’s only 5×8″ (printed area, limited edition of 150).

I wanted to create a print that’s readable with only a minimum of details . I obviously didn’t use a ruler for the lines to keep everything natural and not too “stiff”.

Keith Richards

Keith RichardsMixed Media Illustration on Illustration Board, 12 x 12″.

I recently finished this illustration of Keith Richards. To concentrate the focus on his face I added color only to this area. I kept the saturation low because otherwise the contrast of his colored face and his black and white hand would be too extreme. Besides it gives the painting an older appearance like an old photograph that is faded. Streaks of tears are colored black. I figured that all the black eyeliner probably would run in black streaks. I might have exaggerated it a bit…for effect. The painting shows Keith reminiscing about some good old times with the Stones.

While I was painting this illustration I took numerous shots of the painting in progress:

5.keith.i.p.6.keith.i.p.Keith watercolor wash8.keith.i.p.9.keith.i.p.10.keith.i.p.














  1. sketch transferred onto illustration board
  2. adding prisma colors to show dark areas and outlines of his face
  3. adding “little Keith” in the bottom corner
  4. acrylic wash – covering the whole image
  5. watercolor wash – covering the whole image
  6. lifting off lighter areas/ uncovering the acrylic colors below the watercolor by using a wet brush
  7. oil wash – covering the whole illustration
  8. lifting off oil color by using a kneaded eraser – leaving only the dark areas covered
  9. adding highlights by using prisma colors
  10. layering prisma colors and acrylic colors to add detail

IMG_7876This was me right after doing a painting demo on “Focus” TV show. It will be broadcast 2-23-15 @ 8:00pm on the NASA channel (Florida). I was really nervous and kind of surprised how fast time went by. It is only a 30 min show and that isn’t a lot of time to show how to create an illustration. I did my best and just hope people will like it.