Illustration Class starting January 20th, 2016 – ongoing

This class will deliver Step by Step instructions on how to create an illustration. We will come up with ideas (feel free to bring in photos and/ or images that you like and might want to integrate into your art) and develop a concept for the final illustration.
You will learn to design a composition with the help of sketches and color studies and then create the final illustration. We will work with mixed media using colored pencils and acrylics. Other techniques can be learned in the following weeks (for example, pen & ink, collages, etc. )

Classes are Wednesdays evenings, 5:30 – 8:00 pm at the Art Gallery of Viera, starting January 20th, 2016. Cost is $80/ 4 weeks + $20 materials (optional). After first 4 weeks ongoing classes will be offered for $80/ 4 weeks or $25 per class (+ $5 per class/ materials – optional)

Please contact me at or 251-895-6783 to register.

For more information please visit

“Medusa” – Having a bad hair day

medusaI had this idea for a while but couldn’t figure out how to set it up in an illustration. Finally I got back to it and here is my version of Medusa having a bad hair day. I kept the snakes in black and white (drawing quality) while I painted Medusa in full color and a little more detailed. Otherwise I thought it would be too busy and distract from the story.

Below is the sketch and the color study for this painting. The color study is quickly done in Photoshop (it’s the easiest way for me to try different colors without spending a lot of time).


Fly me to the Moon

This illustration is done in mixed media (acrylics, oil colors and prisma colors) on cold pressed illustration board.

Not to long ago my family and I went to the Kennedy Space Center. I was really impressed by the full sized rockets and knew right away I wanted them in a painting. It took me awhile to figure out what to add to the image to give it a little twist:  Someone who’s flying it to the moon!

Below are some photos of the painting in progress. The picture to the left shows some prisma color rendering with a layer of acrylic wash. The picture to the right shows the image after adding an oil color wash.

Fly me to the Moon in progress by Andrea TripkeFly me to the Moon in progress by Andrea Tripke

The Pier

“The Pier” is a relief print (linocut), limited edition of 100.

Because it’s a very small print I wanted to frame it in a much larger frame to “pull” the viewer in. I think it gives The Pier much more depth.

The Pier by Andrea TripkeSorry for the bad photo. I was in a rush to get it done for a show and obviously didn’t take the time to set it up for a good photo.

Fishing for Sharks

Done and framed.

Fishing for Sharks by Andrea TripkeThis is a mixed media illustration (acrylics, oil colors and prisma colors) on illustration board. I wanted the image to be abstract with real elements. The girl is holding her shark puppet that is swimming with real fish (which doesn’t look as realistic as the shark). But is the water real ? She is holding on to the “edge of water”… just a few things to make the illustration a bit confusing and hopefully interesting.

Little Girl riding a Fish

This is another illustration (in progress) with my little girl. I wanted it similar to the painting I just finished. This time Lily Blu is riding a giant fish. To keep the focus on her she is the only realistic figure in the illustration. The fish and surroundings are graphic – simple lines and very “flat”.


As before (with the other painting of hers) I based the illustration on an existing photo rather than taking a photo based on my sketch. None of the photos I had really would work with my idea so I had to puzzle together several photos in photoshop. Not really ideal but it worked. She just wouldn’t model for me 🙂 I guess at age 3 there are more important things to do!

Below is the digital image that I use for reference: