Henry J. King Steamboat

The drawing is layered on top of a map showing Mobile, Alabama. The map was prepped with a thin layer of white gesso to ensure the drawing will be visible on top of the original colors.

The image is an old steamboat loaded with cotton rolls. The text below is taken from an old newspaper article about the “Henry J. King” steamboat. Mr. King was my clients Great,Great Grandfather.

5 thoughts on “Henry J. King Steamboat

  1. Andy Blackstock

    Is this the steamer sunk during the War? I note your mention of Mr. King’s descendant. I believe we may now own a house where Henry King lived in rural Dallas County, near King’s Bend. I would be interested in knowing how to contact his family to hopefully gather some history on the man himself, his relations, and the house.

  2. admin Post author

    Hi Andy.
    I will call my client and try to get you in contact with him. As soon as I have talked to him I’ll come back to you.

  3. Alan

    A friend of mine claims HJK is his GG-Granfather too. He’s asked me to try and track down some genealogy for him, I’m an amateur… Any help?

  4. admin Post author

    I will contact my client and ask for his permission to give you his contact information. Unfortunately, I cannot help you with any more information.

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