Mobile Bay – Where Did The Oil Go?

It’s finished!

While I was painting a subtitle idea for this illustration came to me: “Where Did The Oil Go?” I thought of the oil spill that happened not too long ago and just wanted it to be part of the painting.  Because of it, I had to make some ‘minor’ adjustments such as the black water and the oil dripping from the pelican skeletons. I used a lot of ink besides acrylics and colored pencils on this illustration to give it a dark chalkboard appearance.

The illustration is based on an ink drawing on illustration board (below). I layered acrylic washes and added details with colored pencils and ink.

2 thoughts on “Mobile Bay – Where Did The Oil Go?

  1. Sarah

    I just starting to check this out I think your are is great !!! I to I’m an artest and I how one day to be as good as you!!! God bless!

  2. admin Post author

    Thanks Sarah for the nice compliment. Of course, I always enjoy nice comments – especially coming from another artists.

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