Monthly Archives: April 2012

Alice in Wonderland

I was posing for this illustration as reference – 9 month pregnant. It was quiet a challenge to hold this pose until my husband was done taking the picture. Of course, I took out most of my belly 🙂 My husband posed for the rabbit as reference. He wasn’t really happy holding a fragile china dish sipping tea…and than I would replace his head and feet anyhow!

These are my photo references. They were just quickly assembled in photoshop and definitely do not show my photoshop skills. The rabbit’s head was just a place holder for the later  illustration.

This is the digital value study I based the final illustration on.

The final was done in mixed media on illustration board.

The Wacky Shrimp

My latest job was a large illustration for the Wacky Shrimp Fish Restaurant in Daphne. I finished it in about 10 days and it’s now hanging in the Restaurant.

Each of the three paintings was so large that I had to work on them in my garage. It was so much fun to do – Thanks to Richard and Rita =]

Its acrylics and colored pencils on canvas (3 each 40″ x 72″).

The Lion, The Witch & the Wardrobe

This is the sketch the final illustration is based on. I changed the little boy’s face later in the process – giving him a smile.

After transfering the sketch on to the illustration board I penciled in the shades with colored pencils and then added an acrylic wash.

Next I applied a purple/ green oil color wash all over. From here I worked my way to the final with more layers of acrylics and colored pencils. (more…)