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Andrea Tripke Illustration

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personalized mini – paintings

A little while ago I started to create little (6×6″/ 1 5/8″ deep) individualized paintings on canvas. If you are interested in getting a little something for your baby, a friend or your family, please feel free to contact me at Here are just some examples: All I need is: the Baby’s/ Person’s/ Family’s

The Princess & The Pea

Currently I am working on a series of new illustrations for little children. I guess “think pink” describes pretty much the direction I am taking with this project. This illustration is the first  of whimsical little paintings in pastell colors showing princesses, ballerinas, teddy bears and such…whatever a little child might like. The illustration is

St. Basil’s Getaway

My latest idea is based on an image of the St. Basil’s Cathedral. It is a beautiful cathedral which I wanted to include in one of my illustrations using my favorite polar bear again and a “super – skinny” woman. I started the painting with a prisma color basis (left side – on top: my

Be careful what you fish for

“Be careful what you fish for”  started originally with just the upper part of the illustration. Looking at my first sketches I figured that something was missing… some joke, like a fishtail for the mysterious woman, that is on the little girl’s hook. I wanted to work with a lot of pattern to give my intentional