Monthly Archives: January 2010

Be careful what you fish for

“Be careful what you fish for”  started originally with just the upper part of the illustration. Looking at my first sketches I figured that something was missing… some joke, like a fishtail for the mysterious woman, that is on the little girl’s hook. I wanted to work with a lot of pattern to give my intentional confusing illustration some order and structure.

The painting is done with prismacolors and acrylics on illustrationboard.

Mit beiden Beinen voll im Leben stehen


“Mit beiden Beinen voll im Leben stehen” – “To have both feet on the ground”

I wanted to do an illustration that ‘explains’ a German saying ‘word by word’. The exact translation would be: “to stand with both legs firmly in the life”, which -of course makes- no sense at all, but that is how sayings work. They say something but mean something different. I hope I am not losing you here. I am probably a better illustrator than writer. The illustration shows a boy standing not only in the middle of Hamburg/ Germany but in an anthill as well. Like I said, it’s not exactly what the saying means but what I made out of it. =]

Hannah & Tobias


This is a drawing of Hannah and Tobias.

It is done in prismacolor on colored paper.Besides black and white, I added just a little bit of orange and red to warm it up.

I worked from a photo, in which the Dad was sitting behind them. Obviously  he wasn’t welcomed to be part of the final drawing (LOL) and therefore I had to ‘cut’ him out.