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Bob Erickson’s new poster

The poster was designed to be used for different gigs – therefore, I left the bottom part¬† (‘Music for Marinas’) simply white to give room for different announcements. If you are interested in Bob’s performance schedule, please, check out his website @ www.bobericksonmusic.com

The illustration is done traditionally with prisamcolors and acrylics, and then worked out digitally.

Below are the photos (Billy Bob/ Fly Creek Marina) that I worked with.

t-e-a-m website design

I haven’t updated my website in a while; we were moving – again! For some odd reason the boxes just become more and more. I don’t even remember that I have packed that many of them. Finally we moved into our new home so I can find some time to show you my latest work…

…a website design. So far, I haven’t done a lot of digital art and therefore this was a challenge. I started out with a traditional illustration – just a rough layout, which I scanned in and then worked it out digitally. To make it look more rugged I left the original line work shine through the digital work.


The final sketch was based on all four sketches including the vikings, the amazon and the dragon.

My design is not yet included in the t-e-a-m website – I’ll keep you informed…


mirror-image-ill This illustration shows a girl playing with her

reflected image.

The name “Mirror” just seems to

fit perfect, even though I am not sure

if my intention is to reflect her in a mirror.

Or could it be water? Or some other shiny

surface? I guess I will leave this mystery

open to you.

The illustration is drawn with pencil and

colored in digitally in Photoshop.